BSYC Aquatics School Holiday Program

The BSYC Aquatics School Holiday Program runs for two weeks in January. Pick from week 1 starting on 8th January or week 2 on the 15th January. Activities include Sailing, Windsurfing, Snorkelling and Paddling plus a number of cool beach games and activities. The main emphasis is on being active, having fun and doing so safely.

The program is aimed at kids aged 8 to 14 years old and no prior experience is necessary. Kids will rotate through all activities but will also get the opportunity for choice activities when they can pick their favorites. Weather conditions will also affect which activities run on any given day and surfing skills or boogie boarding can be introduced if the wind blows hard onshore. Some indoor activities will be included to break up long days in the sun.

All instructors are qualified with certificates issued by Australian Sailing, Australian Underwater Federation and Canoe SA. Instructors are First Aid qualified and have completed all working with children checks. Activities are run based on national standards put out by the governing bodies and a strict risk management plan has been implemented for the program. Capsize drills, snorkelling and swimming activities are all done in shallow water close to shore.

What to Bring. All kids should bring a packed lunch, a snack and a water bottle which can be refilled with filtered water at the club. Appropriate attire includes shorts and t shirt or rashie, longsleeves is best. Kids should be wearing footwear especially on the beach and around the club. Bare feet are ok in boats, on boards and when swimming. A short wetsuit is a good idea for cooler days and we will have a few spares to loan. We will provide all equipment including PFDs and helmets plus boats, boards, paddles and snorkelling equipment.

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