Powerboat Handling Courses

There are two courses we deliver at BSYC and have very specific outcomes. The details below will help you decide which way to go. Are you in need of a SA Boat Licence or do you want to go on to become an instructor or assist with juniors or race management.

Start Powerboating

This one day course covers all the theory required to go boating safely in SA and interstate. safety equipment, marks and beacons and local rules will all be covered. The final written test is based on the state governments boat licence test and once passed will earn you the licence. Just take your AS certificate into an SA Service Centre within 6 months. The practical skills taught and executed include launching the boat, start, stop and tilting the motors, forwards, reverse, figure 8s and man overboard drills. Includes the Australian Sailing Powerboat logbook and syllabus.

New Dates Saturday 4th May and Saturday 15th June 9am - 430pm each day. $190pp

Powerboat Handling Certificate

This 2 day course or 1 day upgrade will cover more advanced skills to include towing different craft, assisting a capsized boat, anchoring, mark laying and negotiating more difficult conditions. Theory topics will include types of boats, basic maintenance, navigation andhandling emergencies. This course level is a pre-requisite for the AS instructor course and the AS race management courses. Also highly recommended for those people working with juniors at a yacht club.

New course dates - Upgrade Course by arrangement call 0438 800501

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